Socially speaking are you all signed up?

Social Network ButtonsI was having a conversation with one of my clients the other day and they made a very good point.  They said they had been on a course about making the most of their website and on-line profile. The speaker had said that even if they weren’t planning on using social media right now, they should register their business name anyway.  It’s invariably free and will protect your business name from being cloned or hijacked in the future.  Even if not for nasty purposes, it is a pain when you go to register on the latest social platform and you end up with a name that’s not your first choice.

Now, I know I probably shouldn’t admit it, but until then I hadn’t given social media registrations much thought.  I do always suggest that the first thing people do when setting up an on-line business is buy their domain name. You can do it quite cheaply from many sources.  I use my web host for this, as they are a reputable and reliable company that charge the going rate and will always transfer it anywhere you want them to should you choose not to use their services.  I also like them because they have great telephone support should you hit a snag on anything. There is nothing quite as nice as actually sorting something out with a person who knows there stuff and on the end of a normal land line! But there are plenty of decent companies that will register a domain name for you.

However by registering your business on the big social network sites (and the not so big one’s too if you have the time) does make so much sense to that I thought I should share the advice with you.

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